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Diesel generator sets, used for either prime power or Emergency Standby power must be maintained in order to provide reliable power when needed.

If you use your generator for main source of power for your premises or heavy electrical load equipment you will be aware of the need to keep it regularly serviced and any faults that arise need to be dealt with quickly.

You can rely on NJB Generators to provide a regular suitable maintenance routine to ensure that your generator remains in top condition for when you need it most.

With Standby emergency power generators it is still crucial to have them maintained even though they do not run for many hours a year.

Common faults can be failure of engine coolant heaters, battery chargers and resultant flat batteries causing failure to start when required. Regular checks will pick up on any faults of this nature and get them repaired.

This will ensure they are immediately available when called for during a mains failure, thus allowing you to carry on with your daily life at home or continue with your business operations.

Our standard package for standby generators includes two visits per year, comprising one “A” and one “B” level service.

Our “A” Service Includes:

  • Oil Filter Change
  • Fuel Filter Change
  • Coolant Filter Change (Where applicable)
  • Air Filter Checked & Replaced if necessary
  • Replacement of Lubricating Oil
  • Full System Checks using our Rigorous Checklist
  • Mains Fail Test and Site Load Test run where available
  • Advise of any problems or remedial works required

Our “B” Service Includes:

  • Full System Checks using our Rigorous Checklist
  • Air Filter Checks
  • Coolant System Checks
  • Control Panel & Instrument Checks
  • Off Load Run
  • Advise of any problems or remedial works required

We also offer:

  • Additional service visits
  • Out of hours service visits
  • Remote monitoring
  • Generator Repairs
  • Load Bank Testing

Get in touch with NJB Generators today and allow us to put a service package together to keep your generator in top condition.

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