Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing is a procedure used to test a generator in order to ascertain it’s ability to operate correctly when placed under a sustained load.

Load Bank TestingYour Diesel Generator is an investment and you need it to operate correctly in order to avoid the potentially dangerous conditions and financial consequences of a power outage.

For both of these and indeed many other reasons regular servicing, maintenance and testing are required to ensure that your unit performs exactly as required and when demanded.

The old adage “Prevention is better than cure” is very pertinent in the case of Diesel Generators.

All diesel generator experts, including ourselves, are very aware of the requirement for both preventive maintenance and operational tests of generator units. And load bank testing is an important element of the regular service and maintenance of your diesel generator.
A “Load Bank” is in itself a piece of equipment which provides operator-adjustable resistance to simulate the actual electrical load which the genset is intended to power. Therefore, load bank testing simulates the electrical requirements of the equipment within the plant, or indeed of an entire facility. The load bank test actually monitors the engine and generator to ensure that both are performing correctly.

The performing of load bank testing is highly recommended to be carried out on an annual basis simply because it can prevent future problems which may arise due to neglect, under-usage or general maintenance requirements.

Load bank testingDiesel-driven Generator units can also be prone to a malady known as “wet stacking” or “slobbering” which occur due to the generator being operated under light-load conditions.
This causes fuel deposits to build up in crucial places such as on the injector nozzles, combustion chamber, piston rings, turbocharger, and exhaust system. The effect of this is a reduced engine capacity. Running a load bank test burns off the fuel deposits which have accumulated and so returns the engine output capability to normal.

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